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Jordan Robertson, LMFT-S
Relationship Therapist
Board-Approved Supervisor

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist located in San Marcos, Texas. I love working with couples and adult individuals who are seeking to have healthier relationships with others. Choosing to seek help is often necessary for a significant and lasting change. If you are eager to improve your life and relationships, then I would be glad to help. Please see my contact information below to set up an initial consultation.

About Me
How I Can Help
Initial Consultation

Finding the right counselor for you is essential to the effectiveness of counseling. To ensure that you have just the right counselor for you, I offer a free, 30 minute, video consultation to discuss how we might work together, and what it is you need from therapy.

* I do not see clients under the age of 18.

​Free, 30 minute session

Couples Counseling

My primary specialty is in couples counseling, helping romantic partners address their most challenging issues. Couples come to me with problems such as ineffective communication, infidelity, lack of intimacy and trust, and dealing with stressful life transitions. Some couples seek premarital counseling, which can be helpful to couples who want to strengthen their relationship and explore difficult topics before marriage.

​$140, 50 minute session; $180, 90 minute session

Individual Relationship Counseling

In individual counseling clients may work towards having a better relationship with themselves and others. We focus on understanding and learning to assertively communicate their needs and boundaries in all kinds of relationships. Individual counseling can help clients explore the patterns and narratives in their lives that are no longer serving them, and construct new pathways based on honoring their own values. 

* I do not see clients under the age of 18.

$125, 50 minute session

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