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Services & Fees

Fees and Insurance
  • Initial Consultation (30 min): Free

  • Couples Counseling (75 min): $180

  • Adult Individual Counseling (60 min): $140

Sliding scale (reduced-fee) spots are currently filled.

In-network provider for Optum/UnitedHealthcare & Aetna

Couples Counseling
Who might benefit:

Couples who

  • experience frequent, combative conflict

  • experience decreased connection and loneliness 

  • endured difficult or traumatic events and are struggling to recover from it

  • are deepening their commitment, often through marriage, and want to know how to strengthen their relationship

  • experienced a betrayal, such as an infidelity

  • recovering from the effects of an addiction on their relationship

  • separated and considering reconnection

  • are considering separation and are ambivalent about the relationship

  • are non-monogamous and want help identifying and communicating about healthy boundaries

  • want to navigate changes together in times of transition

Couples who may need individual work first:

Couples that

  • have one or both partners who struggle to regulate their own nervous system, and do not yet have the tools to self-soothe, even when alone

  • have one or both partners still engaging in secretive and destructive behavior, such as an affair or problem substance use, and they are not ready to be honest with their spouse about it

  • experience ongoing, persistent abuse, both physical and emotional

Individual Counseling
Who might benefit:

Individuals who

  • struggle with relationships in general

  • experience difficulty with setting boundaries, expressing needs, and sharing their emotions with others

  • are recovering from trauma or difficult life experiences

  • would like to have higher self-esteem and/or self-confidence

  • experienced a betrayal, such as an infidelity

  • are questioning their gender identity, sexual orientation, or considering being in a non-monogamous relationship

  • are considering or undergoing a major life transition

  • are exploring spirituality and would like to discuss it with a non-religious and non-judgmental person

  • are struggling with perfectionism in work/school/home life

Individuals who may need couples work first or simulaneously:

Individuals that

  • are primarily concerned with issues in their current marriage or partnership, given that the relationship is safe enough to seek couples therapy

  • need support from their partner for the work they are doing in individual therapy

  • are being negatively affected by their partner's behavior

  • are struggling with parenting or caretaking issues 

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