About Me 

My Passion for Helping Others

When people ask what made me want to be a counselor, I say that I have always been a counselor, only now it is my career. Since I was a young teen, I have felt a desire to help people better understand themselves and improve their lives. Upon entering my graduate counseling program, I realized that my personal experiences and background gave me a passion for helping couples and individuals with their relationships. This is where I felt I could do the most good for my clients. For me, counseling is not a just a job or a career or a business. It is a calling. 

My Perspective

My approach to therapy is always as a collaboration between myself and the client. My primary focus in the initial stage of the therapeutic process is to assess the issues my clients are facing and to build a relationship based on trust, mutual respect, and a certain level of playfulness. I believe that my clients are the expert on their own lives, so I work with them to find real-world solutions and discover those they might be overlooking. I focus on identifying the strengths and resources that exist within each person, as well as help them differentiate between their true selves and their problems. The goal of therapy is to find hope and to allow clients to feel empowered in their own lives.

I enjoy working with couples in therapy, because I feel it provides me with the whole picture. Couples work also provides me with the opportunity to observe problematic dynamics within the relationship in person and intervene directly. I employ Gottman Method Couples Therapy to rebuild a relationship into something that is supportive and accepting of both partners. I especially love witnessing the moment in couples counseling when a couple begins to have fun with each other again, and I realize that soon I will not be needed. I truly care about my clients and look forward to being able to help them make a positive change in their lives. ​

Another of expertise is counseling LGBTQIA clients in both individual and couples counseling. My practice provides a safe, affirmative place for LGBTQIA clients to seek solutions to the problems that they are facing. I aim to find these solutions while recognizing the importance of not only the individual in the room, but the context in which that individual operates. Social and familial influences cannot be disregarded in any counseling situation, but with LGBTQIA clients, the pressure from these outside forces can be even more oppressive. Working from this perspective allows for a successful and positive collaboration between me and my clients. 


Degrees, Licenses, and Certifications
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#201935)

  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 3 Trained

  • Master of Arts, Texas State University in Professional Counseling with a concentration in Marital, Couples, and Family Counseling

  • Bachelor of Science, McNeese State University in Psychology

  • Private practitioner since 2012, specializing in marriage and couples counseling and counseling LGBTQIA community.

  • Bereavement group facilitator for the Children's Grief Program at Hope Hospice in New Braunfels since 2011.

  • Counselor Intern at Connections, Individual and Family Services, Mountain Valley Middle School, and River Bend Counseling, all in the New Braunfels area.


1205 Hwy 123 S, Suite 305

San Marcos, TX 78666​​​


Hello! Jordan Robertson is currently Not accepting new clients. Thank you for understanding!
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